Karl moved to Arizona in 1994 from Portland, Oregon.  While living in Portland, at the dawn of the craft beer boom, Karl grew to love the great flavors of what was being offered by local breweries. After being in Phoenix for a short time and not being able to find a brewery close by to where he lived or any store that carried craft beer, Karl, along with his brother, talked about home brewing.  What started out as a desire for great beer turned into a passion for the creative.  Developing his own recipes of all different styles of ales, Karl narrowed down which ones he liked the most and worked on perfecting his recipes. Over the years as his craft was developing, friends and family asked Karl if he would ever open a brewery.  They were impressed with the beer he was brewing and thought he should take it to the next level.

Fred was born in northern Minnesota and moved to Arizona many years ago.  Fred attended NAU earning a BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management.  After graduation, Fred moved around the country working for different hotel companies, finally landing back in Phoenix from the San Francisco bay area in 2000. There, he purchased a home next door to Karl. Over the years a friendship developed.  In 2002, Fred obtained a brewing kit.  Fred got together with Karl to compile a list of additional equipment needed to complete a brewing system.  Karl showed Fred the brewing process and he was quite intrigued.   Fred started searching out the different styles available.  Stout and Brown ales quickly became favorites.  Fred’s first batch was a Young’s Double Chocolate Stout clone and to this day the Stout is his favorite style.

After some time, Karl and Fred started brewing together.  They would meet on Friday nights over cigars, beers and scotch, to plan out the brews for Saturday.  After a few years of brewing together, they decided to take their passion of brewing craft beer and share it with more than family and friends.  They decided to purchase a more advanced brewing system for recipe development and tighter quality controls.  With no industry experience, they both decided it would be best to start off small to build the brand and gradually build the business.

So here we are…  Come on by, hang out, and let’s talk beer!!